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The Project Paramedic.

As you work on your business plans have you ever come across a 'project' that is laid up at the side of the road, having been knocked down by circumstances and that is in desperate need of assistance to nurse it back to health?

You need the Project Paramedic to come to your assistance. The professional who is on hand to resuscitate, diagnose and get things back on track.

What you get

  • Fast diagnosis of problems
  • Experience to prescribe the right medicine
  • Tools and tips to keep in good health

Accident black spots can occur in all areas and all stages of a project. Project management requires not only thorough and detailed planning from the very start, but constant review and management of the issues and risks that present themselves. This includes monitoring the activity of the 3rd parties and other stakeholders associated with the various tasks.

If you have concerns about any aspect of your business where a part of it is failing to deliver, talk to someone who has 20+ years experience in managing complex projects in many industry areas and who has been consistently successful in delivering to requirements.

Gerry Growney

Gerry Growney

MBCS : CITP : Certified Engineer



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