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The Business Paramedic.

Is your business suffering? Can't get the customers? Can't keep the customers? Can't give the customers what they want? Whether it is a problem in sales, marketing, support, account management or development it is the role of the Business Paramedic to stop the bleeding and plan for a long-term recovery.

What do you get? You get a thorough analysis and diagnosis of problems and issues, the right experience to prescribe the right medicine, with pragmatic get well, action plans and assistance.

Accident black spots can occur in areas such as; Strategic planning, Business analysis, Business process alignment, Business management, Relationship management, Programme management, Project Management, 3rd party/Sub-contractor management, team leadership / development, IT systems, Solution development, Software development, Account management.

Talk to someone who has lived with the pain, who is experienced in business start-up's and business change. Someone who uses proven methods, measurement, analysis, modelling, planning and communication techniques. A professional with demonstrable motivation and management skills, leading the change, leading the people.

Gerry Growney

Gerry Growney

MBCS : CITP : Certified Engineer



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